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Fraternity and Sorority - Explanation

A big part of university life in America is the fraternity and sorority.  Since many people do not know what they are, let me explain a little so you understand what I'm talking about in this session.

Fraternity and sorority is a group of people that get together and live in a big building.  They are in a special group that is defined by their own rules.  Most of the students live in either apartments or dormitories, but an alternative is to live in a fraternity or a sorority.  I don't know the short name for sorority, but the short name for a fraternity is a frat.  It all depends on the sentence whether you should call it a fraternity or a frat.  Also, fraternity and sorority have names and they are already established.  The names are always Greek and so they named the area where these buildings are located, Greek Row.

Fraternity is the terminology used for guys, and sorority is what they use for the ladies.  So if you are a guy, you will be looking at fraternities, and if you are a lady, you will be joining a sorority.

The price to live in a fraternity or a sorority is similar to the price of dormitories.  There are many sizes, but as an example, a fraternity house might have 50 rooms.  All rooms either hold 2 or sometimes 3 people.  There is a kitchen and food is served at specific times.

If you want to get into a fraternity or sorority, you usually have to apply and interview with existing members.  Popular ones are very picky and will not let some types of people in.  Others are desperate to fill their rooms so they will accept anyone.

Almost everyone who has been in a fraternity or a sorority never regrets it.  There are more people who regret not having lived in a fraternity than having lived in one.  So if you plan on attending a university in the states and will be there for more than 2 years, you should definitely consider the frat or sorority life.

Here are some examples of fraternity and sorority names.  I do not know these fraternities or sororities.  I am using this as an example so you understand the naming scheme.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

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