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Other Emotions - Emotional

In this lesson, we will cover several emotions we didn't cover yet.  The ones I want to talk about are, being emotional, feeling no emotions, restlessness, proud, and anxiety.  If you have questions concerning any emotion we didn't cover, feel free to ask questions anytime.


If your emotions change easily, then you are an emotional person.  An emotional person can also be described as one who is affected by things such as sad movies, criticism, or easily angered.  In this lesson, we will go through some sentences talking about emotional people.

"I know a lot of artists and many of them are emotional.  I think it helps them with their creativity."
"I saw a guy cry in a movie.  He must be very emotional."

"Emotional girls are high maintenance.  It's really a headache dealing with them."
"My last boyfriend was so emotional.  His emotions would change drastically in the same day."

When someone is way too emotional and it affects how they act in a negative way, some people will call them a psycho.

"Your ex-girlfriend was a total psycho man."
"He's a psycho.  I saw him stalking you for a week."

"My last girlfriend was a psycho.  She would get upset at nothing and start crying the next minute."
"I had a jealous boyfriend.  He followed me around everywhere.  I thought he was emotional because he would cry when I would yell at him, but I now think he's a psycho."
Some people are only emotional when it is about something they are passionate about.  If a person only gets emotional talking about one subject, then they are not an emotional person, rather, they are emotional about that topic.

"He's pretty emotional about that topic."
"I wouldn't say anything negative about blind people.  She's very emotional about it."
"Anytime we talk about it, he gets very emotional."

"His voice started getting louder when we were talking about the war.  I didn't know he was emotional about it."
"My father had a friend who was killed in the Korean war.  He gets emotional thinking about it."

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